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About us

Welcome to our company’s website!

For more than 16 years of operation and development, Vietnam – Korea Artificial Eyelash Export Company Limited has been continuously developing and confirming our position and role in the market.

The company was incorporated under Decision No.  Issued by Bac Giang Department of Planning and Investment in the following business lines:

1. Manufacturing artificial eyelash
2. Importing and exporting

  • Eyelash products
  • Materials
  • Accessories for making-up

Our products have been conferred the Exclusive Trademark Certificate.

With the hope of bringing about young and impressive beauty but still keeping natural beauty of women; with creative, enthusiastic, active, careful, and meticulous in every small details employees and technical, we have been producing models and designs suitable with all various kinds of eyes, and faces of women.

Because "the eye is window of soul"

Vietnam – Korea Artificial Eyelash Export Company Limited always tries our best to become a leading company in terms of producing artificial eyelash and beauty care products in Vietnam, and we hope that we will always be the best choice in beauty care for women.

We will use our best efforts to offer you:

  1. The best products
  2. The lowest price
  3.  The most perfect services

Our company has teams of professional and free of charge delivery staff throughout the country.
Our company’s artificial eyelash products are now available in all agents, distributor in more than 60 provinces of Vietnam and other countries such as: USA, Russian, Singapore, Germany, France, Cambodia….

Our slogans are: “Good products make strong trademark” and “Women are the most precious gift that God presented human”,

If you do not satisfy with any of our products available on the market in terms of model or product, you can change or return it.

Your satisfaction is our honor and significant support for us; we are pleased to receive any comment from you.
We, Vietnam – Korea Artificial Eyelash Export Company Limited would like to send our sincere thank to all national and international valued customers, partners, and readers.

Please contact us:
Viet- Han Artificial Eyelash Export Company Limited
Address: Tan Phuong Hamlet- Tan My- Bac Giang
Tel: 02406 567 588, Fax: 02403 821 802
0988 811 017, 01298 22 66 88,
0988 630 795, 0915 630 795,
016 56 95 79 79, 0913 79 16 18

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